OLA Evia & Gamuda (Developer)

One of the project by Evia

About Evia Realty

Evia Real Estate is one of the leading developers that has been providing investment opportunities in various real estate projects since 2010. The company has an established track record in commercial, industrial, residential, and logistics properties. Today, the developer has a portfolio made up of assets exceeding $2 billion. Elvia has withstood the test of time establishing a reputable brand in the real estate market.

Evia Real Estate comprises of a highly knowledgeable and experienced management team in all sectors of the real estate market. With wide expertise in all sectors of the real estate industry, the company uses professional and intelligent practice to deliver the best results that suit the needs of clients.

They employ deep research and holistic understanding of the market to identify, analyse, and execute to meet and exceed the client’s expectations. The strong leadership is at the centre of the success and growth the company enjoys and has earned them various awards in different categories.

Here are some of their past projects:

  • The Crest
  • Pearl Island
  • Heron Bay
  • Robin Residences
  • Gem Residences
  • Starlight Suites
One of Gamuda Project Gem Residences

About Gamuda Group

Gamuda Group is a top-performing and a multi-award-winning infrastructure, property and engineering company based in Malaysia. The company has a proven record of producing innovative developments that exceed the industry’s standards. Gamuda Berhad ranks among the largest infrastructure companies in Malaysia and has participated in many projects locally and overseas.

Started as a small company, Gamuda has position itself as one of the best developers in the world. With a global mindset, the company has established a presence in various countries, including Singapore, Qatar, Bahrain, Taiwan, India, Australia, and Vietnam. Gamuda has gained trust in these countries through its breakthrough in solving various real estate problems.

Gamuda is focused on delivering premier lifestyle and world-class properties to their customers. The company’s contribution to the real estate industry has not gone without notice, and they have gained recognition in various categories and scoping many awards.

Some of the projects that the company has undertaken in the past include:

  • Highpark Suites
  • Kundang Estates
  • Jade Hills
  • The Robertson
  • Bukit Bantayan Residences
  • Horizon Hills
  • Gem Residences
  • Gamuda City
  • Celadon City
  • 661 Chapel St

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