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Come 2020, updating functions for 55,000 HDB apartments begins, spanning the upcoming few decades. This updating is part of a $1 billion broader rejuvenation attempt by the authorities.

Beneath the Home Improvement Programme (HIP), among the chief focus is that the rejuvenation of apartments constructed between 1987 and 1997. Formerly, the programme simply included flats constructed before 1986. The strategy will contain apartments older-aged 30 decades and older. You will find additional 175,000 apartments scheduled for updating and functions will be carried out over the following 10 decades or so.

Upgrading works that are fully subsidized include enhancements inside the apartment for example replacing waster water pipes or even repairing concrete spalling problems on ceilings. Works that aren’t fully subsidized but that can be run in precisely the exact same time include improvements like bathroom upgrading. $4 billion is expected to be invested on those updating functions.
Personal housing estates to experience upgrading under EUP

While the apartments slated for updating have to be declared, another round of Estate Upgrading Programme (EUP) is going to be released later this season.

The government wish to involve the general public in the design and execution of those updating plans from an early stage as part of a larger focus on partnerships between the authorities and Singaporeans.